x U    PicBl    ©1981, CART1, planet's ring touches border of picture, “6” in 2655 filled in black
   C    PicBl    ©1981, CART1, planet's ring does not touch border of picture, “6” in 2655 open
x R    PicBl-p    ©1981, CART1, EL: “p” printed on right, PAL
x R    PicBl    ©1985, CART2, EL: plastic
   R    PicBl    ©1986, CART3, EL: plastic
x R    PicBl    ©1988, CART3, Hong Kong
   R    Picred2    ©1981, CART3, Taiwan, EL: CA400064-055 on lower right
x R    Picred2    ©1981, CART3, Hong Kong, ML: “CX2655P”, PAL